This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to my “new” home.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about this. I’ll start by telling you my name is Chels.  I thought about giving a fake name,  but really what’s the point? I have a Youtube channel where I clearly state my name. In fact, for a while I used my real name. I recently just went back to Infinite Love. So honestly, I’m mostly an open book and giving a fake name just doesn’t make sense. I decided to make this because I have no use for Livejournal anymore and I miss having an online journal. You never know who might find this, and I think over time I’ll be able to tell my overall story.

I currently reside in Indiana with my husband and my stepson. For now let’s call them…. BB and LB. Hubby is BB, step son is LB. 🙂

I want to use this place to sort out my thoughts, as well as talk about my dreams which have always been weird, crazy, and super detailed, but lately even more so.  I’ll probably be everywhere with this “blog” let’s be realistic here.  My YouTube channel is also ALL OVER the place. I do everything from stitch fix review hauls, to inspirational series, to ASMR. It’s quite….eclectic.  I just don’t feel there’s any one “niche” that fits me. What can I say? I am unique. Eventually, I’d even like to do some singing on YouTube again.

But I digress.

This too will  be all over the place, that I can promise you. In the meantime, I am going on a small adventure with my good friend K. I’ll most likely write more later.